Warriors are steadfast in their adventures. Utilizing Strength to increase their melee damage, or Endurance to increase their overall health and reduce damage taken, Warriors assume the roles of a tanking-style character, or a melee damage character. Warriors receive increased melee damage based on Strength and increased damage reduction based on Endurance.


Mages are ranged spell casters using the elements to deal deadly damage to their foes. Utilizing Intelligence to increase their Spell abiltiy damages, and Wisdom to increase their Mana regeneration, Mages assume a ranged damage role, and are best played from afar. Mages must cast spells and then reposition to reduce damage taken while still dealing heavy damage.


Priests harness holy spells to deal damage and exorcise enemies while also having the ability to heal themselves or their allies or provide temporary buffs to increase attributes. Utilizing Wisdom as their primary attribute to increase spell and healing abilities, they also use Intelligence to increase the overall mana.


Rangers deal fast and heavy melee damage to their enemies, relying on their Dexterity to perform quick abilities and critical strikes. Utilizing Dexterity to reduce cooldown times, increase attack speed and increase the chance of critically striking, at a high level rangers may also harness the power of a spirit animal, transforming themselves to unlock new abilities. Rangers use Strength as a secondary attribute to increase melee damage.



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